Services and Pricing

The assessment and reassessment of your spine or joint pain By Dr. Martin Breton is at no cost to you if you have an Alberta Health Card.  Dr. Breton is a medical doctor whose assessments are covered by Alberta Health.  If you want to have Dr. Micheal Westaway's considerable experience involved in the assessment, but you do not want prolotherapy done on that day, the fee is $100.  If you move ahead with the prolotherapy, the assessment cost is included with the prolotherapy.   Dr. Micheal Westaway is a physiotherapist whose services are not covered by Alberta Health Care. 

Prolotherapy injections are not covered by Alberta Health Care. Your private insurance may or may not cover prolotherapy injections. The cost of the Prolotherapy sessions run between $110 for a small joint like a wrist to a maximum $200 for multiple or technically difficult joints  Treatment of Motor Vehicle Accident  injuries can be up to $300 as these can be extensive and time consuming.  It is our goal to be the most cost effective Prolotherapy Clinic in Calgary.  

Physiotherapy sessions with Dr. Michael Westaway are also not covered by Alberta Health Care.  Dr. Westaway can be accessed here at our location as well as at the LifeMark clinics where he also works.

Dr. Martin Breton is a family Doctor whose interests include chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia among others.  He is still accepting patients into his regular practice.